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DuraMac Booster Pumps

Meet the world's most intelligent, yet simple boosting system: The DuraMAC Booster System

It is the first booster pump of its kind to be designed for virtually all boosting applications. In Pressure Mode, the pump starts with pressure drop and stops on low flow. In Flow Mode, the pump starts and stops by sensing flow. In Conservation Mode, the pump only operates during a peak demand, such as when multiple showers, bathtubs, or irrigation systems are running.
A single-speed, totally enclosed fan-cooled motor drives the DuraMAC booster pump with single phase power. It is controlled with one dial and tells you it is working properly by illuminating a single status light. The settings and readouts are simple and straight forward.
A pressure transducer constantly monitors system pressure and alerts the pump control to start the pump as water in the system is used. The pump then stays on, boosting the system pressure until the need for water is no longer present, indicated by low flow.
Electronic components are completely separated from piping and water ways for added safety and ease of field repair. The DuraMAC is built from scratch with one purpose in mind - boosting water pressure. Each component of the system is specifically designed to work together, as one harmonious unit.