Cim-Tek High Flow Filters

Cim-Tek High Flow Centurion Filters

Centurion and 800 Series filters are designed for gasoline, diesel, ethanol blends up to 10%, biodiesel up to B100, and ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD). Filters in this series feature a micron range between 2 -30 and a maximum flow rate of 90 GPM.

Cim-Tek Viking High Flow Filter Housings

Viking high-flow housings are crafted from Carbon Steel and are able to handle a maximum flow range up to 500 GPM. These filter housings are optimized for high-flow applications and compatible with a wide range of fluids including gasoline, ethanol blends up to E15, biodiesel blends up to B100, diesel fuel, ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and fuel oils. Vikings are also compatible with industrial fluids such as lube, gear, hydraulic, and synthetic oils.

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