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FuelMaster Plus Fuel Management Systems

The FuelMaster Plus application represents the latest automated fueling system technology. Custom designed for the aviation market, the Plus system is built to withstand the most demanding conditions, while still offering the flexibility to meet each customers needs. Now utilizing surface mounted, FLASH memory for firmware, FuelMaster Plus units can be updated in a matter of minutes through phone line or Ethernet connection. The system boasts 4 times more memory for transactions than FuelMaster's classic 2500 units, and incorporates an all new method of protecting the hardware from surge-induced damage to protect against lightening and other electrical damage. FuelMaster is also now proud to offer over 2 dozen available credit card configurations and when combined with their new Discount Credit Card and Prepaid Card options the system can now be customized to meet the needs of your transient and day-to-day customers.

While FuelMaster has added many new features required by today's fueling needs, they have remained steadfast in their commitment to provide customers with the most sturdy and resilient system possible. By building all of their exciting new features upon the same hardware that has given FuelMaster the best reputation in the industry for dependability and durability.