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GoatThroat Chemical Hand Pumps

GoatThroat Chemical Drum Pumps

Most hand pumps require two hand operation. You hold the hose with one hand as you pump with the other. Anyone who has tried this before knows how inconvenient and often messy this is. To anyone who has thought to themselves, "there has got to be a better way", We are here to tell you there is. Introducing the GoatThroat line of hand pumps. Just pump a few strokes to pressurize the pump and then open the tap.

GoatThroat chemical pump allows for the safe transfer of more than 700 liquids and are available with 4 different seals. Model GT100 comes with a Nitrile drum seal for use With petroleum based products, such as fuel, glycerine, oils and chloride. Model GT200 comes with a EPDM drum seal for use With general-purpose liquids, such as acetates, phosphates and alcohols. Model GT200S comes with a Santoprene drum seal for use With general purpose liquids, such as acetates, phosphates and alcohols. Model GT300 comes with a Viton drum seal, for Use With aggressive chemicals: solvents, pesticides, Etc.

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