Liquid Controls Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Meter Class Typical Class Application
Class 1 Refined petroleum products, leaded and unleaded gasoline, fuel oils, diesel fuel, kerosene, ethylene glycol (antifreeze) at rated capacity
Class 2 Aviation gasoline, jet fuels when metering is installed downstream of the filter/seperator
Class 3 Liquid sugars, corn syrup, corn sweeteners, dextrose, fructose, sucrose maltrose, lactose, corn oil, soy bean oil, cotton seed oil, coconut oil, shortenings, etc.
Class 4 Treated waters (deionized, demineralized and potable) Solvents where no red metals are found.
Class 7 Chlorinated solvents: Perchloroethylene, Trichloroethylene and Methlyene Chloride. Also used for general solvent service.
Class 8 Ph Liquids: Nitric, Phosphoric and Glacial Acetic Acids, Amines Citric (Fruit Juices) and vinegar.
Class 14 Crude oils (LACT and NOD), heated liquids, viscous liquids, animal fats, resins, #6 oil, non-abrasive asphalt emulsion. Viton seals standard.
Class 15 Oil and water based latex products, polyester resins and adhesives (neutral pH), herbicides and nitrogene solutions (requires Viton and PTFE/FEP seals).
Class 16 Methanol, toulene, xylene, naphtha, acetone, MEK, MIBK, alcohol (including ethanol). Use Class 7 for chlorinated solvents.
Class 27 Alkaline pH products, adhesives and some clear liquid fertilizer (10-34-0)
Class 30 Herbicides: Aatrex, Atrazine, Bicep, Bladex, Duel, Lasso ME, Treflan, Sutan, Sutazine and Eradicine (required PTFE/FEP seals).
Class 37 Sodium Hydroxide (caustic) solutions, high sulfer crude oil (LACT and NOD and other alkaline pH liquids including non-abrasive asphalt emulsions and liquid feed (molasses) supplement & some resins.
Class 47 Mildly abrasive liquids, all ferrous construction.

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