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Heavy-Duty Petroleum Transfer Gear Pump

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Roper 4711BHF Heavy-Duty Petroleum Transfer Gear Pump

Straight Through Ports, Buna Mechanical Seal, Size 11, Flanged Ports, No Outboard Bearing, Mounting or Hydraulic Drive or CCD Bracket

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Model # Description Price Qty
4711BHF Straight Through Ports, Buna Mechanical Seal, Size 11, Flanged Ports, No Outboard Bearing, Mounting or Hydraulic Drive or CCD Bracket $1,379.43

Add Optional Accessories

Model # Description Price Qty
CRBON-BRGS-11-22 Carbon Bearings (For Sizes 11-22) $141.80
IRON-BRGS-11-22 Iron Bearings (For Sizes 11-22) $123.55
IRON-004-BRGS-11-22 Iron .004 in. Oversized Bore Bearings (For Sizes 11-22) $261.85
SS-SHFTS-11 Stainless Steel Shafts - Size 11 $419.09
SS-GRS-11 Stainless Steel Gears - Size 11 $2,477.36
JCKTD-BCKPLT-11-22 Jacketed Backplate (For Sizes 11-22) $295.54
JCKTD-FCPLT-11-22 Jacketed Faceplate (For Sizes 11-22) $295.54
ELBW-FLNG-11-22 Elbow Flange (For Sizes 11-22) $86.35
DRN-PLG-11-22 1/4 in. NPT Drain Plug (For Sizes 11-22) $93.37
TPPD-PRTS-11-22 BSPP Tapped Ports (For Sizes 11-22) $56.16
SQUR-ENDPLT-11-22 Square Endplate Grooves (For Sizes 11-22) $247.10
BD-RV-11-22 Bi-Direction Relief Valve (For Sizes 11-22) $108.81
IMPRGN-PCKG-11-22 PTFE Impregnated Packing (For Sizes 11-22) $29.48
GRPHT-PCKG-11-22 Graphite Impregnated PTFE Packing (For Sizes 11-22) $37.91
DSA-PCKG-11-22 DSA Packing (For Sizes 11-22) $93.37
PTFE-PCKG-11-22 PTFE Packing (For Sizes 11-22) $183.22
WDG-PCKG-11-22 Wedgee Packing (For Sizes 11-22) $228.15
VTN-SEAL-11-22 Viton Seal (For Sizes 11-22) $141.80
TFLN-SEAL-11-22 Teflon Seal (For Sizes 11-22) $935.77
BRZ-BRGS-11-22 Bronze Bearings Without Grooves (For Sizes 11-22) $0.00
BRZ-003-BRGS-11-22 Bronze .003 in. Oversize Bore Bearings (For Sizes 11-22) $78.62
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Roper 3600 Series - Petroleum Transfer Gear Pumps
"The longest lasting, hardest working gear pump that you will ever own. A real workhorse."

These pumps operate smoothly and with equal efficiency in either direction of rotation. They effectively handle heavy, viscous materials such as asphalt, molasses, roofing compounds, and printing inks, as well as fuel oils, gasolines, and similar thin liquids. Pumps can be supplied in several materials of construction, with or without built-in relief valves. Pumps can be assembled either hi-drive or low-drive, and are available with conventional packed box or lapped-face mechanical shaft seal. They can be direct driven or driven through a built-in gear reduction with a wide range of ratios. These pumps operate equally well regardless of the mounting configuration or the direction of rotation.

  • Mixing, blending, recirculating, and transferring heavy, viscous materials in either a fixed or mobile transfer application.
  • Ideal for gasoline, asphalt, molasses, ink, roofing compound, and oils.

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Understanding Your Pumps Model Number

  • Heavy duty cast iron helical gear pumps
  • Bi directional, self-priming
  • Differential pressures to 125 PSI
  • Up to 468 GPM
  • Standard operation up to 212° F
  • Can be built to operate up to 450° F
  • Maintenance-free durability