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Solid-State Discriminating Containment Sump Sensor

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Veeder Root 0794380-350 Solid-State Discriminating Containment Sump Sensor

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0794380-350 Solid-State Discriminating Containment Sump Sensor $1,470.56
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The Solid-State Discriminating Sensor is installed in a dispenser pan or containment sump area. It detects the presence of, and differentiates between, hydrocarbons and other liquids. Its optical liquid level technology requires no moving parts, allowing it to operate in sub-zero temperatures.

Quickly and accurately detect the presence of hydrocarbons or fluids and differentiate between the two, with?the Veeder-Root Solid-State Dispenser Pan and?Containment Sump Sensors. Alarm conditions, Fuel, Liquid Warning, High Liquid Alarm, Sensor Out – trigger an audible alarm.

Durable and accurate, with no moving parts to wear out or stick, these sensors withstand harsh environments, continuing to detect fluid or hydrocarbons even in freezing temperatures.

The housing is constructed of polyester, the sensing element a conductive?elastomer, and it can be reused after an alarm is sensed without degradation.

  • Ultrasonic technology determines presence of fluid and alarms at low level and high-level “trip” points
  • Conductive?elastomer?differentiates between hydrocarbons and other liquids and alarms when hydrocarbon is detected at any point on the sensor
  • Remains accurate, reliable and reusable even after exposure to heavy concentrations of hydrocarbons
  • Fuel at any height on the sensor, even when floating on other liquid, triggers a fuel alarm

  • Fuel Compatibility - Gas, Diesel, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, Aviation Gas, E15, E85*, Bio-Diesel 20, Green Diesel, Waste Oil, Motor Oil Alarm Notification - Normal: Sensor in Normal State – No liquid detected, Low Liquid: Liquid detected above low activation minimum, High Liquid: Liquid detected above high activation minimum, Fuel Alarm: Permeable material saturated with fuel, Sensor Out: Sensor not communicating with ATG Console Operating Principle - Electrical conductivity / optical Operating Temp - -40 to +122°F (-40 to +50°C) Cable Length - 12 Feet