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(REBUILT PART) 600 Remanufactured Mechanical Register Counter

Low Profile, Fits Neptune, Display: 1/10 Gallon

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600-R Low Profile, Fits Neptune
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CORE - Remanufactured Mechanical Register Counter, Fits Neptune
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Davis Airtech - 600 - Remanufactured Mechanical Register Counter

The 600 series Register is mechanically driven designed for easy adaptation to a local or remote batching and recording system. The 600 series register offers a 5 digit delivery quantity reset similar to the Models 831/841 and an 8 digit non-resettable totalizer. It is fully mechanical and does not offer mechanical preset or ticket printing options.

600 Series Register Features
  • Five digit roller type reset wheels, with large numerals for ease in reading up to 10-15 feet away.
  • Eight small non-resettable totalizing wheels mounted at the top right of the register front serve as an odometer.
  • Low profile for ease in retro fit installations.
  • Light weight, heavy gauge steel outer casing.
  • Ability to mount all digital and analog pulse transmitters, calibrated output.
  • Available in US and Imperial gallons, litres, decalitres, pounds and kilograms.

Our ticket printers and visible registers are guaranteed for workmanship and materials for one year from date of purchase. Some of the procedures our ticket printers and visible registers go through are as follows:

  • All grease, grime, dirt, etc. is removed
  • Register wheels are refinished as needed
  • All parts are checked for wear and replaced as needed
  • Totalizers are 100% rebuilt
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