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Straight Island Forms with 6 in. Radius Corners

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OPW 6013-SFR6W Straight Island Forms with 6 in. Radius Corners

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Model # Description Price Qty
6013-SFR6W3L9 3 ft. Wide 9 ft. Length $794.85
6013-SFR6W4.5L7 4 ft. 6 in.Wide 7 ft. Length $762.54
6013-SFR6W4.5L8 4 ft. 6 in. Wide 8 ft. Length $827.15
6013-SFR6W4L10 4 ft. Wide 10 ft. Length $924.07
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OPW - 6013-SFR6W - Straight Island Forms with 6 in. Radius Corners

POMECO/OPW Standard Straight Island Forms are designed with straight side sections to provide a convenient means of installing multiple dispensers on a single island. Straight Island Forms are also used to protect teller and ATM equipment at banks, restrict or route material handling equipment in warehouses, streamline traffic flow in toll booths and quick serve restaurants. Standard Straight Island Forms are 13 in. tall and come in a variety of widths and lengths and are also available in stainless steel so if you don't see what you need below give us a call and will find it for you.

ModelWidthLengthShipping Wt.
6013-SFR6W3L53 ft.5 ft.90 lbs.
6013-SFR6W3L63 ft.6 ft.105 lbs.
6013-SFR6W3L73 ft.7 ft.115 lbs.
6013-SFR6W3L83 ft.8 ft.130 lbs.
6013-SFR6W3L93 ft.9 ft.140 lbs.
6013-SFR6W4L54 ft.5 ft.105 lbs.
6013-SFR6W4L64 ft.6 ft.120 lbs.
6013-SFR6W4L74 ft.7 ft.130 lbs.
6013-SFR6W4L84 ft.8 ft.145 lbs.
6013-SFR6W4L94 ft.9 ft.160 lbs.
6013-SFR6W4L104 ft.10 ft.170 lbs.