Balcrank Oil Pumps

Balcrank Tiger™ & Lynx™ 6:1 Pumps

Balcrank oil anti-freeze and windshield fluid pumps are designed for reliability and ease of use.

The Tiger™ HP air motor features a precision air valve mechanism with dual valve ports for improved high speed breathing. It also contains a positive trip detent spool mechanism that eliminates stalling (blowing air) by preventing the pump from stopping between strokes. It has a simple yet durable construction with all internal parts lubricated at the factory using a life-tested synthetic grease.

The Lynx™ features a double acting pump to pump product on both the up and down stroke, providing smooth and reliable flow and pressure. A patented air valve is designed to operate with lower air consumption. The air valve design has fewer components for reliable operation and economical maintenance. With a factory lubricated air motor, there is no need for air lubricator. A built in sintered brass air filter assures clean and quiet operation.

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