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Chemical, Herbicide and Pesticide Transfer Pumps

In today?s agricultural and industrial markets, isn?t it good to know that you can rely on one name?Sotera?to fit your chemical transfer needs. Sotera Systems offers a line of 115VAC chemical transfer diaphragm pumps for safely dispensing agricultural chemicals with a high degree of accuracy.

Whether you are pumping herbicides or pesticides, the Sotera 400B Series offers proven technology that combines the attributes of an air operated diaphragm pump with the convenience, portability, and efficiency of an electric driven design. It also uses less power than other conventional chemical pumps for maximum efficiency.

Alternating Current (AC) input for those applications where electricity is readily available. The One-Way Valve Feature inherently conforms to the EPA's 2011 mandate requiring that package designs don't allow back filling of totes or drums. This unique design improves fluid-handling capabilities with low material sheering, solids handling up to 1/10" and dry-run capabilities.

The Power Distribution is a unique reciprocating, spring driven, double diaphragm configuration retains constant pressure, regardless of the load. Motor amperage is actually reduced as back pressure increases. No Internal Bypass required - the pump automatically goes neutral when the end of hose valve is shut off.

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