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Fuel Hand Pumps

Hand Fuel Pump

Westech Equipment offers a full line of hand fuel pumps from manufactures such as: Fill-Rite, GPI and National Spencer. Hand fuel pumps are offered in either a barrel drum or transfer/suction pump style and are portable, quick to install, reduce lifting and messy fluid transfers. Westech Equipment offers hand fuel pumps in a variety of pump styles from piston, rotary, diaphragm, lever and plunger styles that are able to pump oil, kerosene, diesel fuel, gasoline, paint thinners, ATF, hydraulic fluids, and much more. Each hand fuel pump is precision-machined out of high quality materials for easy operation, durability and longevity.

Not sure which hand fuel pump fits your needs? Contact a Westech Equipment sales representative today at 1-800-433-8831 for assistance in selecting the hand fuel pump that best fits your applications.

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