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Petroleum Transfer Gear Pump

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Roper 1AM21 Petroleum Transfer Gear Pump

Foot Mounted, Buna Mechanical Seal, Bronze Bearings, 2.1 Gal/100 Rev

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1AM21 Foot Mounted, Buna Mechanical Seal, Bronze Bearings, 2.1 Gal/100 Rev $1,006.67

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Model # Description Price Qty
GRPHT-FLMNT Graphite Filament $0.00
FG-PTFE-PCKG-06-40 Food Grade PTFE Packing (For Size 06-40) $130.57
DSA-PCKG-06-40 DSA Packing (For Size 06-40) $127.06
EPDM-SEAL-06-40 EPDM Seals (For Size 06-40) $152.33
VTN-SEAL-06-40 Viton Seals (For Size 06-40) $152.33
TFLN-SEAL-06-40 Teflon Seals (For Size 06-40 $631.80
TFE-LIP-SEAL TFE Lip Seal $170.59
IRON-BRGS-06-40 Iron Bearings (For Size 06-40, Requires Hardened Steel Gears and Shafts) $203.58
CRBON-BRGS-06-40 Carbon Bearings (For Size 06-40) $217.62
CPR-CRBON-BRGS-06-40 Copper-Carbon Bearings (For Size 06-40) $1,923.48
SST-RV-INTRNLS-06-40 SST RV Internals (For Size 06-40) $90.56
HRDN-ST-GRS-SHFTS-06-32 Hardened Steel Gears and Shafts (For Size 06-32) $486.49
ALMNM-GSKTS-06-40 Aluminum Gaskets (For Size 06-40) $4.91
PTFE-GSKTS-06-40 PTFE Gaskets (For Size 06-40) $28.78
BSPP-TPPD-PRTS-06-40 BSPP Tapped Ports (For Size 06-40) $61.78
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A Series - Gear Driven Pumps

Roper Series A pumps are adaptable to a wide range of applications, pump clean fluids such as pressure lubrication, hydraulic service, fuel supply, or general liquid transfer. These pumps are designed to operate at standard motor speeds, with provisions for flange or foot mounting. The internal bearings are lubricated by the fluid being pumped. With only two moving parts, the pumps run quietly. They are manufactured and assembled with close tolerances, and regularly tested to insure dependable performance. Factory assembled for clockwise rotation.


  • Cast iron standard construction
  • Capable of operating at nominal motor speeds
  • Self priming capabilities
  • Bi-Rotational
  • Pressure up to 300 PSI
  • Flows up to 75.6 GPM


  • Pressure lubriction, hydraulic service, fuel supply, fuel additives
  • General transfer applications
  • Handles a wide range of viscosity


  • Packing, mechanical seal, or lip seals
  • Optional internal relief valve
  • Variety of mounting arrangments
  • Internal sleeve bearings, lubricated by the pumped fluid, are available in a choice of materials